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Mensagem por ShakyHades em Qui Mar 19, 2015 8:42 pm

What's the address?

Why is the address like that?
Because it was the one that the programmer had avaliable at the time, and the one where he could save the original game's data quickly and without losing any time.

Can I save my poupée?
Yes, until 3/31/2015 you can import your poupée to the game. This way, you can keep all the items you've acquired in the original game, the ribbons you have in hand and the appearance of your poupée.

How can I register in bentewee and import my poupée?
Just ask for an invitation here: After you get an invitation and register, click on your username on the upper right corner and choose 'Import Poupée'. You will receive an email in the email you used to register in bentewee, not the one you used on poupéegirl. After you choose to import, you will get an email confirming the import. To see your poupée, you must relog in bentewee. Also, you have the option of inviting five friends, by sending invites to them. To do so, click in your username in the upper right corner and choose 'Invite a Friend'.

I've received the invitation code and registered. What's the next step?
You will get an confirmation email with the password for your bentewee account. You can later change it, of course.

I didn't get the email with my password, what do I do?
You should check your spam folder. I've noticed that it always goes to spam.

My account in Poupée Girl is linked to Facebook. To import it, which email should I use?
To import your poupée, you must use the email and password of your poupéegirl account.

It's been some hours and I haven't received the email confirming my poupée import. Should I try talking to someone?
Sometimes, it might take a while to receive it. If after a day you still hasn't gotten it, please send the email you used to register in bentewee to user Alfirin.

I've imported my poupée, but after that, I sold and brought new itens on the original site. What now?
You'll have to import it again. To do so, click in your username in the upper right corner and choose 'Import Poupée'.

After Poupée Girl's closing, can new users register and create new poupées?
Yes! But the site will function on the invitation system.

Will I need to pay anything to be able to play?
Nope! Since it is a fansite that uses all the data of Poupée Girl, we can gain no money in any way from it. The game will be maintained by fans for fans, and it will leave quite clear that all creation and copyright belongs to Poupée GIrl.

Will 'jewels' be used at the new site?
No. The ribbons will be the only coin on the game. Each user's jewels will be converted on the same ratio of the current one from the original game: 10 jewels = 25 ribbons.

Will jewel items be present at the new game?
Yes. All the database from the original game will be present at the fansite.

How will I be able to buy jewel items?
With ribbons! But, to make the game more active and enjoyable, the price of item jewels will also be converted on the same ratio that was mentioned before. Also, the prices will be adjusted, or else some of them would be excessively expensive and impossible to buy.

How will we buy items?
On the same manner as the original game's. Shops and events will be opened, and kept for a determined amount of time. The old shops will be re-released, and jewel and ribbon items will be sold together.

Will events be re-released too?
Yes! There will be the reopening of shops and the background will also change.

Will there be a market for the users to sell and buy items?
Yes. There will be an area for that.

Will the special items (piyo catcher items/jewel buying incentive items/ friend invite items and etc) make an appearance at the game?
Yes, but they will be sold at specific shops, like the rest of the items.

Will shells be used?
There will be no shells or shell spring in the game. Every user's shells will be converted on a ratio of 1 shell = 1 ribbon.

How will we collect ribbons?
Logging, taking snapshots and daily comments. The value and number of comments, as well as where they will be made, are still being analysed.

Will we be able to post photos?
Unfortunately, no. Since it is a fan site, the posting of photos could end up being problematic. Also, the server would not be able to hold that much information. We are currently studying a way of implementing comments on the daily snapshot of every user, like a scrapbook, to gain ribbons.

Can we start getting ribbons on the game at the present moment?
Not yet. The dress up and snapshot function is already working, but the ribbons are not being received yet.

Is there any shops open at the moment?
Yes. The shops that are currently open at Katherine Shop are also open at the new site. Every user can go there and buy jewel/ribbon items.

When will the old shops and events start being re-released?
As soon as we get a reasonable number of users.

Where will I receive the invitation code?
The default is here, but you can ask her to send it your poupée, if you give her the link.

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